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Jerelyn Craden

Jerelyn, I appreciate the very talented presentation of your message in your music video, ‘Killing You Is Killing Me’. (Thanks to Carl, Kris and Ian as well.) I was captured by the profound lyrics and rhythm. In your book ‘Vessie Flamingo Outshining the Moon’ (2006-06-26), you point out in chapter 9: “When man realizes that war is in his own soul, he will know where to go to establish peace.” Thanks for keeping this heartfelt truth alive and well in your current work.
– Michael Kursbatt, Haliburton, Canada

Great article: ‘Suspected Terrorists Allowed to Buy Assault Weapons???” So glad you’re an activist for saving lives.
– Cynthia Marion, Wimberley, Texas

You have posted and worked hard on your new Killing website. Killing you is killing me is an excellent title! Thanks for sharing it.
– Ed and Glenys Whiteway, Haliburton, Canada

 Jerelyn, I have watched your video (“Killing You Is Killing Me”) several times. It is excellent…the message, the music, your voice, the drum beat and the graphics.  What a wonderful contribution to our tenuous world. – Linda Mcnamara, Haliburton, Canada

God bless you and your anti-gun crusade. It is not through politics and politicians that the “craziness” regarding gun possession will be curtailed. It’s a people movement and people like you who shake some sense into society that believes more guns are the answer to gun violence. Will there always be a fringe element that believes violence is somehow the answer to every problem? Of course there will. But the finality of firing a gun in an anxious or depressed state is too much. When did we stop talking to each other to resolve differences and disputes? I am so depressed by the “gun” situation and the NRA and their twisted reasoning, but I’ve never considered the gun as the answer to my depression. The Star article that claims it’s in the hands of parents to educate their kids has a lot of merit. Keep at it. I love your passion and I share it with you.  – Vern Kennedy, Toronto, Canada

Your videos are wonderful. Causes that I care about as well. Change begins as a small almost imperceptible expression…a few people speaking up and it grows. I like the much quoted Margaret Mead: Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. – R. Montgomery, Penticton, Canada