Jerelyn Craden is a singer, songwriter, columnist and novelist…passionate about changing the face of gun violence at home and fighting abroad, and supporting environmental sustainability.

Starting out as a singer-songwriter, she received Canada’s ACTRA award for Best Television Variety Writer for the adaptation of her original stage musical “Clowns.” Her comedy radio series, “Fireside Stories from Lake WhaddyathinkImean” received honors from the NCRA for Outstanding Programming. She continues to write a spin-off column, “Maybelle’s Fireside Stories” in the Haliburton Echo newspaper.  Television writing credits include sitcom, family adventure, and the animation series: “Thundercats” and “Silverhawks.”

Jerelyn’s novel, Vessie Flamingo Outshining the Moon, was listed #1 in Toronto Metro News Top Four Book Picks and is available at:


Maybelle’s Cure For What Ails You, a compilation of 21 short stories published in the Haliburton Echo is now available at:

Maybelle’s Fireside Stories (blog) is rich with humor about life in cottage country and the planet at large.

Jerelyn’s performance credits include: film, television, stage, music videos and concerts.

She has also voiced numerous characters on animation series including “Inspector Gadget,” “COPS,” and “Strawberry Shortcake,” as well as 100s of commercials and jingles.

As a Creative Director/Writer, Jerelyn created, wrote and directed videos, live presentations and events for major corporations in the U.S. and Canada, working with top international marketing agencies. (More at: