Recently, 141 medical associations and four former surgeons general submitted letters to the Senate and House Appropriations Committees urging Congress to rescind the ban and restore funding for gun violence prevention research.2 It’s time for Congress to break with the NRA and allow researchers to do their job. The more of us who add our voices, the stronger their message will be.

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Here we go again…another senseless at-home shooting death. This time, over a cheeseburger!

(CNN) – A Florida man is accused of killing his brother over an argument that involved a cheeseburger, authorities say.

Benjamin A. Middendorf, 25, shot his older brother during the dispute Thursday night, police said in a statement.

The fight started after the victim, Nicholas Middendorf, their mother and a third man returned from a night of drinking, according to the police report.

“I shot my brother on accident,” a man is heard yelling on a 911 call released by police in St. Cloud, Florida.

“We were in a fight and I grabbed a gun and I shot him. Oh God,” Middendorf said, still screaming. “I’m so sorry.”

“A woman’s voice is also heard on the 911 call telling the operator, “I’m going to kill my son.”

“I hope you go to jail,” the voice said.

Nicholas Middendorf, 28, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Spokeswoman, Denise Roberts of St. Cloud Police, conformed to CNN that the argument involved a cheeseburger. She did not provide additional details.

“It is Mother’s Day Weekend, and the mom has lost two sons,” Roberts told CNN affiliate Central Florida News.

Middendorf is facing first-degree premeditated murder charges.