Last Night: President Obama on the Town Hall Hot Seat


Did I really hear Anderson Cooper ask President Obama if he was instigating a gun-take-away conspiracy? Did I? YES!

Obama’s reaction was as incredulous as my own. Would it also be a conspiracy to put forth safety measures so that toddlers couldn’t swallow small toys, easily remove caps on pharmaceutical drugs, go flying into windshields in cars without seat belts and safety bags…the list goes on.

A CONSPIRACY, Anderson? Who have you been hanging out with?

Clearly the message from the Oval Office was about putting forth measures that would not infringe on people’s Second Amendment rights, and that would help prevent gun violence, albeit in small measure. Because Congress has disallowed President Obama’s gun control initiatives over the years, due to the influence of the NRA and gun lobbyists, this is the only way he can create positive change in response to continuing mass shootings, suicides, accidental death and homicides in the United States.

What also came to light: Congress has trumped initiatives by Colt and Smith and Wesson, the two biggest U.S. gun manufacturers, to create new technology that would make guns safer to use and which could help prevent accidental gun deaths. Again, due to the influence of the NRA.

President Obama said that he will invest in research that will help safeguard the use of handguns with this new type of technology.

The administration’s outline of the President’s executive actions says more than 20,000 American children under the age of 18 have been killed by gun violence in the last decade. It’s one of the most sobering statistics on the issue for Obama, who shed tears announcing the new efforts Tuesday when recalling the Sandy Hook shooting rampage that killed 20 first-graders — a moment replayed for Obama at the town hall Thursday night.

For an entire hour, President Obama continued to defend his gun safety initiatives by reiterating his message clearly – that the government is not trying to take legally purchased guns away from their owners. Instead, these initiatives will begin to help lessen gun violence in the United States.